We are one of the only garages in North London to offer true main dealer level diagnostics. We use the following dealer diagnostics:

Mercedes Star C4
Tablet based powerful diagnostic system meaning we can undertake any type of repair needed to your Mercedes. From a service light resetting after servicing to full ECU programming.

Mercedes c4 diagnostic Mercedes amg

BMW Icom
As used by the main dealers, we are able to carry out the same functions like fault finding, programming, ECU updating, DPF faults and forced regeneration.

Bmw car Bmw diagnostic

Vauxhall/Saab MDI
The only type of multiplexer that can be used on Vauxhall and Saab is the updating, key programming, DFP regeneration and fault-finding.

Vauxhall car Vauxhall mdi

Peugeot Planet
Is an in-depth programme designed around all Peugeot systems allowing BSI reprogramming, ECU software updating, guided fault-finding. Allowing us to carry out the same function testing as the main dealers.

Peugeot car Peugeot planet diagnostic

Citroen Lexia
Is a laptop based programme giving us access to all the dealers latest TSB's, wiring diagrams and full functionality to diagnose any type of fault.

Citroen car Citroen lexia diagnostic

Vag diagnostic-VAS Com
Is a tablet based programme which is the only type of tool to be used on the vag group, this allows us to carry our DPF fault finding, forced regeneration, speed limiting, guided fault finding, rough running software updating. Allowing us to carry out an extensive range of functions on your vehicle.

Audi car Vas com diagnostic

Ford Ids
Is the latest ford diagnostic interface. Using a VCM module we are able to carry out rough running software updates especially on the transit models which develops hunting fault on idle, we can cure this by simply applying an update to the vehicles ECU. We can also carry out speed limiting, fault finding, data logging and much more.

Ford car 07 ford ids

Electrical Repairs
We are also able to undertake any type of electrical repair and fault finding tasks.

DPF faults
We are able to diagnose any DPF faults including DPF regeneration, replacement DPF filters for most makes & models. Pressure & temperature sensor replacement.

ECU testing and repairs
We are able to offer ECU testing and repairs on engine ECU's, instrument panels, airbag modules, immobiliser modules, key fob remote controls and abs/traction control modules.


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