We are Performance and Motorsport specialists offering a wide range of tuning services. Our bespoke remap service will optimise the performance of your car to your very own personal requirements, so whether you want performance, economy, towing power, remove flat spots & turbo lag or to improve the overall driving pleasure, we can do it for you and you will love the results.

The potential of your engine is usually restricted to comply with global regulations and conditions. We will free your engine from these restraints and set it up for UK & European conditions, unleashing its potential for a better driving experience, or your money back! We use industry leading technology offering the finest upgrades and reliability which is why we can offer our best-in-class warranty for your complete peace of mind.

We work with some of the very best tuners in the world and we are always up to date with the many different tuning styles and techniques that enables us to do the tuning for all of the different makes and models of vehicles on the market today, it is a very hard thing to keep up to and takes pure commitment from us.

We have extensive knowledge in ECU remapping and chip tuning and the most important thing to us is to make sure that the tuning we do is always done to safe limits, we won't sacrifice your engine just to try and squeeze a bit more power out of it, we don't put unrealistic unsafe power figures on our website with the aim of trying to impress you, we only ever keep it safe.


We are able to remove your DPF or EGR valve and remap your vehicles ecu so you will never have another problem with these causing lack of power or warning lights on your dash board.

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